How to choose a domain name, How to buy a domain name

How to choose a domain name, How to buy a domain name

Choosing a domain name is not typical work for anyone who deals with the internet. Choosing a domain name requires a lot of thought and consideration. You all know that this is an identity of your entity, which shows all over the world. Every business needs to have a website and they need a domain for it.

choosing a domain name

Things to remember first for registering a domain:

  1. The domain name you which you want to make your website name should be a short name, this name should be easy to remember and easy to read. And also your domain name needs to relate to your entity, it should be meaningful.
  2. You have to clear about Domain properties like sub-domain and top-level-domain.
  3. Top-level-domain is like an extension of your domain name wiz. .in, .com, .biz etc. This is also based on country-specific for search engines. You can read it on Why Top Level Domain is mater to choose a domain.
  4. The Domain name can be 2 or 3 words but it should make sense and needs to have a proper meaning in itself.
  5. Choose a good domain service provider always, I recommend Godaddy to you. You can choose it by your own choice by exploring the facilities and prices also.
  6. Most of the time the name which you choose for your domain doesn’t available for taking for you. Then service provider suggests you a similar name for your domain. So I will recommend you to choose it wisely, don’t think so that the suggested name needs to take on that time.

Steps for registering a domain name:

registering a domain name

Step 1: First go to your service provider website, I am sharing the steps about Godaddy, in terms of the domain service provider this is the best website for domain purchase. (I have found that there is a myth on most the person minds that server and domain service should be taken from one service provider. It can be possible that we can purchase different domain and server from desired websites)

Step 2: Search here your domain name which you have chosen for your website. If it is available with your upper level domain and right domain which you want the click on add to cart option.

If the name which you want to take as a domain is not available and also taken by any other person then you have to find any other name or you can go with the suggested name if you find a good one.

If that domain is shows with premium domain and its price in lacks then you have to left that domain yet and go with the different domain name. Another thing you can do that if you want to take your domain for India only then you can go with .in upper level domain.

Step 3:  If you don’t have any ID on Godaddy then first you have to make an account in Godaddy.

Uncheck all the additional services, you can take SSL certificate yet but I recommend you to not purchase it in beginner level because it is little bit costly.

Step 4: Finally checkout for this domain name and make payment for it.

Note: If want to just start on this field I want to suggest you that you should purchase a domain and server for less amount because this is a good method that you start it by investing less.

To start with less investment, it can be possible by this method:

I. Go to your browser and search “99 web hosting Godaddy”

II. Go to first link shown on google then search your domain name here.

III. You will get a free domain and a web hosting for 1 year with very less amount.

IV. After that the steps are same as it is prescribed in this article.


  • I personally recommend some tips for you to purchase a domain name registration.
  • Whenever we are going to do something there are some criteria’s for learning that thing. Suppose you are in school and studied in class 12th then this is necessary that you have to take classes for understanding the concepts first they want to study and study. But in terms of web designing this is not enough that you took lessons and then you became a master on it. Web related skills are built through practice only and it is depends on how you can explore.
  • Because we cannot say that he/she is a master of web designing, because web-related skills have infinite possibilities, I thought that they have no end. So rather than focusing on lessons or reading, we have to do practice and also we have to explore it.
web design curriculum for middle school | Learn Website Designing

web design curriculum for middle school | Learn Website Designing

Schools around us are teaching web design curriculum for middle school. In hundreds of the country, web design is taught in high schools and middle schools also.
In these Schools, teachers are beginners themselves. So that students learn for web design only small level. Students get aware about the web design but not learn in a good manner.

web design curriculum for middle school

This will be a start to finish project with a lot of room to get creative, present your ideas and to have a big impact on the look and feel of the site. You will work with the project manager and in conjunction with the web developer to create the colour scheme, design, layout and flow of the site to build a seamless user experience and a website that shows our passion for our industry and appeals to our target audience.

Source: freelancer

As we are reading about web design curriculum for middle school. We have to know the curriculum of middle schools. what is the course they offered, what is the level of web designing they deliver etc?

Web Design Curriculum for 2018 for Middle Schools

The Entire web design curriculum is base on basic modules which covers all the fundamentals of web design. Each module is made up of tutorial videos, assignments and of sample web pages.

Discuss what is the web design curriculum for middle school

  • These schools provide assignments and classrooms activities.
  • Done auto grading by course, chapters and lessons based on performance.
  • video based interactive quizzing and code challenges for more knowledge.
  • easy to use grading process for the projects
  • introduce open-ended lesson plans
  • video walk-throughs of the app, which is similar to the actual mobile app.

So, as I update my day by day knowledge, I have seen that this type of curriculum is work but the design of the modules in this course is going too old. So these schools must give them some online institutional support for trending methods of learning web design.

levels of web design curriculum

Today’s generation web design curriculum for middle school can be much easier by the use of online lessons from various websites and web platforms.

If we talk about web design curriculum for High school. This term sounds similar to web design curriculum for middle school. In high schools the level of difficulty must be easy because all the students must get knowledge according to their age.

Modules for web design curriculum for middle school

Website Design

Front-end languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  1. Web Design 1
  2. DOM Scripting 1
  3. Web Design 2

Web Development

Web programming using HTML, JavaScript, and PHP.

  1. DOM Scripting
  2. Web Design 2
  3. Server Side Scripting

CMS Development

How to build web sites with Content Management Systems.

  1. CMS Development
  2. Server Side Scripting
  3. ExpressionEngine

Web Languages used in web design curriculum for middle school

In previous years, students are taught by some block designing based codes, which don’t need very much codes. But learning real coding you have to code for design website.
Some basic languages are followed by middle schools

Website design courses are naturally visual and practical for middle schools

A web design curriculum is a curriculum for codes, that is both visual and practical also. Students write actual code that is used in the industry according to their needs, to build business based visual web pages and even web apps also.

That’s all for this curriculum, Hope you enjoyed the whole article. I will update more articles for web design schools.

how to make a responsive website | E Commerce Website Designing

how to make a responsive website | E Commerce Website Designing

Whenever we make a website for multiple devices, always we do ask a question that how to make a responsive website?  A responsive website is not meant by developing a highly codded website. A responsive website means a website which can be adjusted based on various websites.

Building a website for multiple devices with differing capabilities, for different screen sizes and different interaction methods can seem typical, if not impossible to get started. I really want to tell you this is not typical work and can do it well.

Answering how to make a responsive website

Content is the most important aspect of any site. So let’s design for the content and not let the design dictate the content. In this guide, we identify the content we need first, create a page structure based on this content, and then present the page in a simple linear layout that works well on narrow and wide viewports. Source:

Step Guide to Make a Responsive Website

  1.  Choose the right CMS platform which reflects a good design in multiple devices.
  2. Select the right domain from a right domain service provider.
  3. make sure you use the right hosting provider from a right service provider.
  4. Setup a good responsive theme.
  5. Setup essential plugins and add-ons on your WordPress website.

This guide is for making WordPress website. WordPress has lots of responsive modules for making a good multi-purpose device.

As you knew that WordPress is a blogging website and it is a good platform for blogging and magazine websites. But apart from that WordPress developed their e-commerce platform also and has good results for e-commerce.

According to my knowledge WordPress is good for taking a start in e-commerce marketing because it has a lot of good responsive modules for making a responsive website.

Responsive Themes for WordPress website

According to my experience, a WordPress theme Flatsome is a good responsive theme for making a multi-purpose website. and there are lots of themes which perform on multiple devices.

  1. Neve
  2. Hestia
  3. Fagri
  4. Orfeo
  5. Tiny Hestia
  6. Zelle Lite
  7. NewsNow
  8. Revenue
  9. Business Point
  10. Construction Field

Benefits of Making Responsive Website

There is a guideline on google ranking factor for a website. Responsive websites get more value than simply designed websites. Responsive websites get more traffic.

We all know that nowadays approx 70% of the users are using a mobile phone for any type of internetwork. So when your website is responsive than there is a good chance that people will engage with your website.

An E-Commerce website must have a responsive design. Because of E-Commerce website has various users it using by various customers.

E-Commerce website reduces the bounce rate of our website. It is a user-friendly website, which is more understandable in terms of the static website.

How to make a responsive website using HTML and CSS

websites can be made by any of the languages but the 2nd easiest one is HTML and CSS. These two languages are easy to understand and by using these languages we can make any of the web pages easily.

I am not going to write codes make a whole website here. I just want to introduce how responsive web page works by the use of HTML and CSS.


<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">
<meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="true">


/* Tablet Landscape */ @media screen and (max-width: 1060px) { #primary { width:67%; } #secondary { width:30%; margin-left:3%;} } /* Tabled Portrait */ @media screen and (max-width: 768px) { #primary { width:100%; } #secondary { width:100%; margin:0; border:none; } }

Above is the smallest example where we defined that how the content should appear on chrome device. Now we can see that how responsive website works.
You can see Tech-Agency How it is work as a responsive website by operating it on your pc and mobile. You can see that its response in a different manner in a different device.

E-Commerce Website Designing

As per the multi-device user e-commerce website should be mobile friendly, desktop friendly, and tablet friendly.

Starts with ecommerce website using templates

There is hundreds of template available on the internet for HTML, CSS, and js based websites. all templates are responsive and workable.

these all templates are prepared by defining values of responsiveness and work as per the devices. All basic and advanced templates are based on Ecommerce website design.

Here are some website references by which you can download templates.





E Commerce website design steps for responsive websites

According to my experience, I will recommend you for CMS based website and the best CMS for E-Commerce website is Magento. You can go with this cms if you have the guts to learn it.

ecommerce website design and development is also a way to make an e-commerce website. But this is a time taking process. So that using cms is a much easier and fast process to make an effective e-commerce website.

Some Magento responsive themes




I hope you enjoyed this article. You also read this article

How to build an E-commerce website

How to Host A Website Step by Step Process

How to Host A Website Step by Step Process

Do you know that “What is Hosting?” What is the component of the hosting and what are things which are responsible for hosting? These all things I will going to introduce here, Let’s Introduce first, what is Hosting?

There are lots of hosting provider services on the internet, these all are not done any special work. They simply put some super computer and once you purchase their hosting plan, they put your website on these computers. As you know hosting computer connects with the internet through the servers that’s why your website shows on internet 24×7.

How to Host a Website

How to Host A Website

The first thing to consider when starting your website is to choose a web hosting provider (if you already have a web domain1). The web hosting provider provides the web space (i.e. special computers called web servers) where your website files are stored, as well as the technologies and services needed for your website to be viewed on the Internet. Source: Hostgator

Hosting Providers and Hosting Provider Company’s Rank

Basically hosting provider, provides us, a space for our website all time till the subscription period. So this is the first thing to do whenever we plan for a website. So first we have to plan for a hosting type that what type of hosting we have to purchase. It matters for website type.

Once we decided that what type of hosting we have to purchase then we have to choose the right service provider. There is a lot of service provider in the Online world. So choosing the right service provider is also a great thing.

Following are the popular hosting providers:

(What are The Best Servers for Hosting?)

  • #1 BlueHost.
  • #2
  • #3 Site Ground:
  • #4
  • #5 InMotion Hosting.
  • #6 Hosting Raja.
  • #7 A2 hosting.
  • #8

Image result for hosting provider list in india

These all are good hosting provider, you can choose one of the above-mentioned service providers. These are written according to their rank.

Step By Step Guide to Setup A Domain

Before Starting this Guide, we have to understand about hosting types. Because this is the most important thing before start our website. Following are the hosting types according to website requirement.

  1. Shared Hosting: If your website is static or just based upon HTML pages and separated by Java-script. It simply informational websites. It is good in a shared hosting. “Shared hosting provide us a shared space on the web, where websites traffic is adjusted all time. These type of hosting works according to traffic.”
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server): This server has pre-decided memory and sources for use. It cannot increase automatically. This type of hosting server used for multiple website server accounts. If you want to start multiple websites, then it is a good server for you.
  3. Dedicated Server: It provides space for more customization and more sources. It is a fast and secure server. It is a good server for high-level business or a big website. Because it can handle multiple chances or customization requests at a time.
  4. Cloud Server:  This is a highly secured and good server. It requires mostly for high traffic and multiple actions at a time. Cloud server has a group of servers. It promises us to provide extra servers when it needs. So this server provides us extra server when our website wants some extra spaces to handle the traffic.

Image result for hosting server types

Just like types of servers we have to choose the hosting based upon OS. It also matters for security and safety purpose.

  1. Linux Hosting, which allows running scripts are written in PHP, Perl, Python, and other Unix-originated languages, and usually supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. This is the most commonly used system today.
  2. Windows Hosting, which allows running ASP scripts utilizing .NET and other Microsoft technologies, and supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access database.

Now Start the step guide to purchase a domain and its setup:

Step 1: Go to the service provider website. First, you have to sign up for making an account on that particular website.

Step2: After Logging in to your account you have to select hosting through the menu.

(Note: I am explaining here the GoDaddy option interface, all the service providers website has different options. So if you are seeking “How to Host a Website on GoDaddy” then this is a right guide for you.)

Step 3: Choose website hosting and then Choose your plan here.

Step 4: Click on Add to Cart and you have to buy it by paying through online payment.


How to Host a Website on A Server

  • After Setting our server we have to install an application on it or upload an application manually by gound on Application or File manager.
  • Go to the file manager for uploading a website when you have pre-prepared data or pre-downloaded software.
  • Go to Application when you want to install fresh CMS for your website.
  • Here you have to give a domain name and email address. (more…)
How to create a blog for free, Free blog Maker websites

How to create a blog for free, Free blog Maker websites

Have you stuck to search that “How to create a blog for free“?  It is good to search in google but make sure you search for the right thing and in right place!

Blogging is the most useful tool for connecting with peoples. It gives us the freedom to present our thoughts and skill in front of the world. According to my opinion, everyone should do blogging to show their talent and thoughts around the world.

For Free Blogging You will get lots of sites in the internet world or on google. These all are called web 2.0 websites which gives you a place and interface to make a free blog site. These all are not completely your own but it is good to take a start.

What is Blogging? How to create a free blog?

Image result for What is Blogging? How to create a free blog?


A blog (a truction of the expression “weblog”) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts) Source: wikipedia

Blogging and Blog Platforms

Basically, free blogging platforms are created by other websites. Like you made an account on Facebook, then Facebook gives you a platform to share anything, to make a profile of your own, to show anything.

Like Facebook, there are lots of websites who give a space and account on their own website. Blogging website gives you a sub-domain name include with their website name.

So that all the websites which give us some space on their website, they are known as web 2.0 website. because this is not only a website. These websites are a group website of their users.

Free blog website list

Here, I am introducing some most popular web 2.0 websites where you can make your own blog website including with the name of these websites.

In these websites, you have to make the account and have to give a username which should be unique. After making the account on these websites you will get a URL. This URL is your website name.

After setup all these things, You can write blogs and also choose templates by your own choice.

Note: In most of the web 2.0 websites, You can get a paid domain you have to avoid it and select a free domain including with that particular website name.



For making blogs, in your free blog website you have to do practice to learn using the tools of that particular website by which you made your website.

Follow all guidelines of blogging. Sometimes we think that blogging is easy and write all the matter on it. This is not a correct method for writing blogs. In blogs, we have to do some research like keyword research, headings, images and more.



If you learned about blog writing, You can easily write blogs of your choice. In every blogging website, you have to write continuously for the better result. People focus on those things which move fast. So the movement of your website is necessary.

Amazing Facts:

One of my clients asks me to make a blogging website for himself. He started his blogging with full joy and passion. He was writing his blogs and he wrote 3 to 4 blogs, after that he hadn’t written any blogs and his site had gone down on google ranking.

This also happens when you stop updating your site even if you wrote lots of blogs and your site went popular.

Must consider that if we are a beginner, then free blogging platforms are the best way to take a start of your blogging journey. This must learn you that how to create a free blog for free Blogspot. One you will become perfect for writing blogs on free platforms, then it is a good sign of your blog’s writing.

Other Benefits of Blogging:

Do you know that bloggers are the hero for expressing their thoughts and values? They can also show themselves more then they are. Bloggers are also able to earn money and be an ideal man.

Most of the people using Facebook to writing blogs, this is also a good way to write blogs on facebook. In Facebook, we have to make a page of your blogs or we can make a group here.

And now we can start our blogging here as a post. But one thing is that we have to collect peoples on our blogging page or group manually in starting face. This will be a simple Facebook page where you can create a free blog for free on Facebook.

Earn money from our blogs is a little bit tricky. It requires a website of your own (you want to take a domain and hosting and make your own website).

So now this is not a very big question that, how to create a blog for free in India?

Free blogging can easily start in India and we will get benefit from it.

How to make a blog website

How to make a blog website

Are you going to start a blogging website?  Have you stuck by searching on google and another search? Are you getting frustrated by watching some unused things?

If yes then it’s great to go. In blogs, we can express our thoughts and skills. A Blog is a great method to put down our thoughts in front of all over the world. It connects people with us and it makes a huge community.

Basically, we start blogging for raising traffic on our website and after that, we start putting ads on our website for start making money.

But apart from that, we have to give a lot of efforts in it, because nothing is easy on this planet. So do practicing it and make yourself an expert on blogging. You can go through with some tips which are available on google.

How to choose the right way to start a blog website



blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened form of weblog orweb log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”. Source: Problogger

Right Way of Blogging and Its Career

Whenever getting started the RIGHT way of your blogging career. It can mean the difference between a blog with a growing and loyal readership…

Starting a blogging website is not typical rather than another website. Thousands of blogging websites are started with this type of learning articles even they don’t have any skills.

I have put this article for make awarded you all to How to make a blog website, This guide is for beginners so that everyone can learn it.

Here’s a guide that How to start a Blog:

Blog Sites are easy to build only we have to follow some blogging rules and have a habit to write articles also.

  • Step 1: Select your blogging Platform.
  • Step 2: Choose a domain name and register it.
  • Step 3: Set-up your server and install WordPress on it.
  • Step 4: Setup a theme which is suitable for your blog platform.
  • Step 5: Add posts and some important pages on your blog website.
  • Step 6: Growing your blogs continuously.

The motive of this article is to help you get started the right way for blogging today.

Start work for it today, do not delay.

Do you know that is India every month approx? 36000 domain is purchased regularly?
So why you are delaying this thing?

We don’t want that to happen to you.

You can go with these steps:

Step 1: We have to Choose the Right Blogging Platform (Hint: Use WordPress)

My Only Recommended Hosting Provider

  • Industry-leading blog load speed and uptime
  • Free 24/7/365 email, chat, and phone support
  • Free SSL Certificate (normally $78.99/year)
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • The #1 blog host for beginners NOW

Before you can even start looking for how your blog will look like, you’ll need to choose your blogging platform instantly, don’t start your blogging randomly.

There are many platforms to choose from. You are able to create a blog with many different blogging platforms which are basically open sources, such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and more…

Nowadays, given that there are over 72 million active users using WordPress so WordPress is good to start blogging well and its sustain.

I also use WordPress for my ventures and these ventures are of the various type not only blogs.

Here’s why:

  • WordPress is FREE for everyone (including its themes, layouts, and plugins but lots of themes plugins are paid).
  • WordPress is easy for you to set up on your own website.
  • It’s customized easily. There are hundreds of free themes in WordPress and also plugins available for your blog, forms, contact forms, and subscribe boxes that improve blog performance and more.

While the other blogging platforms (CMS) are generally good to go; nothing, in my opinion, they require lots of language knowledge and take more time to customize rather than customization options that WordPress offers.

So without a doubt, go with WordPress. Especially when you are just starting out.

Finding a Domain Name and Web Hosting Provider

domain name registration

Now to the exciting part!

To set up a self-blog on your desired domain name, you’ll need two things:

1- Domain Name – This will your website name. You can go with Godaddy. This is a good domain company. Navigation is easy. But don’t go with its server or hosting because I have personally tried its server, my experience was not good with for server.

The domain cost can be 300 Rs to 1100 Rs (normally)

If you have chosen a premium domain it can be in billion.

2- Web Hosting – Web Hosting is basically data center of your website. Like your computer hard drive, web hosting is a hard drive of your website data files. So we have to purchase it for going live. We have to choose it wisely because many times we do mistake ob the time of choosing web hosting provider

You can Go with:

  • Hostinger
  • Fast Comet

These are the best server with approximately no server hang up.