Whenever we make a website for multiple devices, always we do ask a question that how to make a responsive website?  A responsive website is not meant by developing a highly codded website. A responsive website means a website which can be adjusted based on various websites.

Building a website for multiple devices with differing capabilities, for different screen sizes and different interaction methods can seem typical, if not impossible to get started. I really want to tell you this is not typical work and can do it well.

Answering how to make a responsive website

Content is the most important aspect of any site. So let’s design for the content and not let the design dictate the content. In this guide, we identify the content we need first, create a page structure based on this content, and then present the page in a simple linear layout that works well on narrow and wide viewports. Source: Google.com

Step Guide to Make a Responsive Website

  1.  Choose the right CMS platform which reflects a good design in multiple devices.
  2. Select the right domain from a right domain service provider.
  3. make sure you use the right hosting provider from a right service provider.
  4. Setup a good responsive theme.
  5. Setup essential plugins and add-ons on your WordPress website.

This guide is for making WordPress website. WordPress has lots of responsive modules for making a good multi-purpose device.

As you knew that WordPress is a blogging website and it is a good platform for blogging and magazine websites. But apart from that WordPress developed their e-commerce platform also and has good results for e-commerce.

According to my knowledge WordPress is good for taking a start in e-commerce marketing because it has a lot of good responsive modules for making a responsive website.

Responsive Themes for WordPress website

According to my experience, a WordPress theme Flatsome is a good responsive theme for making a multi-purpose website. and there are lots of themes which perform on multiple devices.

  1. Neve
  2. Hestia
  3. Fagri
  4. Orfeo
  5. Tiny Hestia
  6. Zelle Lite
  7. NewsNow
  8. Revenue
  9. Business Point
  10. Construction Field

Benefits of Making Responsive Website

There is a guideline on google ranking factor for a website. Responsive websites get more value than simply designed websites. Responsive websites get more traffic.

We all know that nowadays approx 70% of the users are using a mobile phone for any type of internetwork. So when your website is responsive than there is a good chance that people will engage with your website.

An E-Commerce website must have a responsive design. Because of E-Commerce website has various users it using by various customers.

E-Commerce website reduces the bounce rate of our website. It is a user-friendly website, which is more understandable in terms of the static website.

How to make a responsive website using HTML and CSS

websites can be made by any of the languages but the 2nd easiest one is HTML and CSS. These two languages are easy to understand and by using these languages we can make any of the web pages easily.

I am not going to write codes make a whole website here. I just want to introduce how responsive web page works by the use of HTML and CSS.


<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">
<meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="true">


/* Tablet Landscape */ @media screen and (max-width: 1060px) { #primary { width:67%; } #secondary { width:30%; margin-left:3%;} } /* Tabled Portrait */ @media screen and (max-width: 768px) { #primary { width:100%; } #secondary { width:100%; margin:0; border:none; } }

Above is the smallest example where we defined that how the content should appear on chrome device. Now we can see that how responsive website works.
You can see Tech-Agency How it is work as a responsive website by operating it on your pc and mobile. You can see that its response in a different manner in a different device.

E-Commerce Website Designing

As per the multi-device user e-commerce website should be mobile friendly, desktop friendly, and tablet friendly.

Starts with ecommerce website using templates

There is hundreds of template available on the internet for HTML, CSS, and js based websites. all templates are responsive and workable.

these all templates are prepared by defining values of responsiveness and work as per the devices. All basic and advanced templates are based on Ecommerce website design.

Here are some website references by which you can download templates.





E Commerce website design steps for responsive websites

According to my experience, I will recommend you for CMS based website and the best CMS for E-Commerce website is Magento. You can go with this cms if you have the guts to learn it.

ecommerce website design and development is also a way to make an e-commerce website. But this is a time taking process. So that using cms is a much easier and fast process to make an effective e-commerce website.

Some Magento responsive themes




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