Here we are introducing about Top 10 Digital Marketers in Delhi NCR. How much their earnings and how they earn money either from blogging, freelancing or by doing Jobs. India becomes the second-largest country in online marketing so that digital marketers have a great reputation in India.

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

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Digital marketing is not a jackpot for anyone, also it is not rocket science, it is a requirement of today’s businesses. Digital marketing is a core requirement for all businesses you want to get leads and perform well.

Top Digital Marketing Experts in Delhi

#1 Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep Chopra Digitla vidya

Pradeep Chopra is the CEO and  Co-founder of “Digital Vidya”. He is done his engineering from IIT Delhi and he is working in the field of Digital Marketing since 2000. He always has shared his passion for digital marketing and he publishes Entrepreneurship articles on Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazines. He has been got invited to speak at global conferences such as SES US, ad: tech, World Blogger & Social Media Summit Malaysia, NASSCOM India Leadership Forum.

#2 Amit Agarwal

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Amit Agarwal

Amit is a speaker of technology and blogging. He is also the author of The Most Useful Websites, an e-book, in which the discussion is lesser-known but incredibly useful sites on the web. Amit in their list of Asia’s Blog Stars alongside Chinese actress Xu Jinglei


Asli Daud is an Entrepreneur, prolific marketer, celeb manager and a par-excellence influencer. He is the CEO and founder of Asli Media Partners, a company powered by the Asli Media group. He is the initiator and organizer for Asli Media Group as well. His companies have provided excellent solutions regarding media queries and problems and have aided 1000+ influencers and celebs, including national and global. The websites for his work, are in accordance to the help people seek, each website focusing on the kind of information one wants-, which is his personal website, of the Asli Digital media Group and regarding the Asli Media Partner firm.

#4 Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain a founder and CEO of “Shoot Order” is a top-ranked digital marketing company. He has 200+ clients across the world. With this huge achievement, he is a digital marketing consultant in India. He also writes a blog named speakRJ for sharing his experience in Digital Marketing and knowledge.

#5 Ankur Agarwal

ankur agarwal

Ankur is a hard-working person, started his career in 2012. In his starting career of digital marketing, he had not a good team or working persons to support him to grow in digital marketing. And also he had found mostly the digital marketers who had outdated knowledge. So he hired them and taught them and then make a solid team. He has multiple websites from where he earns a lot of income and is the main.

#6 Prateek Shah

Prateek Shah - Founder - Digital Defynd | LinkedIn

Prateek is a partner trainer with Google India. He is a lead trainer at Digital Vidya and also in AIMA. Apart from managing social media campaigns for various brands, he had launched India’s first student social network ‘Asset Ambassador’.

#7 Adesh Saxena

Adesh-Saxena Devetol

He is a digital marker and a consultant. He has got 9 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He has owned a blog He is a digital pioneer. He mentors thousands of students In Delhi NCR. He also worked with Vivek Bindra and lots of high-level personalities.

#8 Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid is a professional digital marketing specialist. He has done many more projects in digital marketing. His SEO skills are brilliant. He owns a blog In which he has got a great achievement. Dinesh is a passionate blogger and digital marketer. He is also a digital marketing trainer in HSDM Haryana since January 2019, he owns this institute with his partner.

#9 Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is a professional blogger. He is a graduate and He has also worked in Convergys before becoming a full-time blogger. His top blog “ShoutMeLoud” is a solution for every aspiring blogger in India. His expertise in blogging and contribution in this field is well good.

#10 Himanshu Arora

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Himanshu Arora

He is a trainer at Digital Vidya and he has worked with brands like Coca-Cola, SAP, Accenture, Google, Horlicks. In July 2013, he co-founded Social Panga, an agency in which he is providing complete solutions for all the online and offline marketing strategies.

The top 10 digital marketers in Delhi NCR mentioned in this article are based on 28 April 2020. We update this data frequently because every digital marketer is a tough competitor of another one. Only one thing will decide their top 10 position which is their performance. You can leave a comment below for any suggestion and irrelevant information in this blog.

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