What would you like to do by registering a Domain Name? It would be for a personal blog or your business.

Domain Name registration is the very first step to start a website. You might make plans for everything but when you go for the execution of those plan domain name registration is always the first step every time.

Have you ever choose a company name to register on MCA or any of the govt corporate ministry? If your answer is yes then you know how can you choose a company name when lacks of companies already exist there.

So choosing a domain name is like choosing a company name, you shouldn’t go for the sonu, monu .com and .in or johny, tracy .com. and .in other than India.

What domain you are choosing right now, that will become your identity in future.

Make sure which domain you are choosing that is fit to your business, easy to pronounce and to easy to promote.

Choosing A Domain Name

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Domain names have a massive impact all over the web in terms of click-through rate, from search to social media results, to referring links, to type-in traffic, brand-ability, and offline advertising. Source: Moz

How to choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name is not as challenging as we discussed but you need to give it some time and have put some efforts into it.

A domain name is an identity and it is going to be seen all over the world. So consider it seriously and buy it if you got confirmed.

Things to remember before registering a domain:

  • A domain name should be short and authentic and should be easy to remember.
  • You have to clear about Domain properties like sub-domain and top-level-domain.
  • Top-Level-Domain is like an extension of your domain name wiz. .in, .com, .biz etc. This is also based on country-specific for search engines.
  • The Domain name can have 2 to 3 words but it should make sense and needs to have a proper meaning.
  • Choose a good domain service provider always, I recommend Namecheap to you.
  • In most of the cases, the name which you choose for your domain name is not available to buy because someone already bought that domain. Then service provider suggests you a similar name for your domain or you can make some other choices.

Steps for registering a domain name:

Step 1: First go to your service provider website, I am sharing the step guide of Godaddy, in terms of the domain service provider this is the best website for domain purchase. (I have found that there is a myth on most the person’s mind that server and domain service should be taken from one service provider. But it can be possible that we can purchase different domain and server from desired websites)

Step 2: Search here(Godaddy Domain Search Platform) your domain name which you choose for your website. If it is available with your upper-level-domain and it is the right domain which you want then click on add to cart option.

If the name which you want to take as a domain is not available and if taken by any other person, then you have to find some other names, or you can go with the suggested name if you find a good one on Godaddy.

If that domain is shown with premium domain and its price in lacks, then you have to left that domain yet and go with the different domain name. Another thing you can do that if you want to take your domain for India only then, you can go with a .in (upper-level domain).

Domain name selection

Step 3: If you don’t have an account on Godaddy then first you have to make an account in Godaddy.

Uncheck all the additional services, you can take an SSL certificate yet, but I recommend you to not purchase it on beginner level because it is a little bit costly.

But if you are buying a domain name for an organization or corporate then you must have to buy ssl certificate for the safety and trust factor.

Step 4: Finally checkout for this domain name and make payment for it.

Note: If you are are just starting your career in website designing or in blogging, you have to invest less and learn more. So don’t go for other fascinating offers which some other companies are providing this much product at this price.

For starting with less investment, it can be possible with this method:

I. Go to your browser and search “99 web hosting Godaddy”
II. Go to the first link shown on google then search your domain name here.
III. You will get a free domain and a web hosting for 1 year with very less amount.
IV. After that, the steps are the same as it is prescribed in this article.


I personally recommend some tips for you to purchase a domain name registration.
Whenever we are going to do something there are some criteria’s for learning that thing. Suppose you are in school and studied in class 12th then this is necessary that you have to take classes for understanding the concepts first they want to study and study. But in terms of web designing, this is not enough that you took lessons and then you became a master on it. Web-related skills are built through practice only and it depends on how you can explore.
Because we cannot say that he/she is a master in web designing, because web-related skills have infinite possibilities, I thought that they have no end. So rather than focusing on lessons or reading, we have to do practice and also we have to explore it.

Tip: You can check for the domain name which is not available for purchase in the whois database for know about the domain details. Whois is the perfect domain extension to know about the domain history.

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