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Google Ads and Social Media Ads Sevice in Delhi NCR and in India

We drive the right traffic to get the right customers for business growth. We follow the workable strategies of paid marketing to get high results in optimum investment. Techagency gives you the services of PPC, CPA, CPV and more to get more leads for your business. We understand the need for marketing of a business and then take action as PPC/CPA ad running.

There are 45K searches every second all around the world and 3.5 billion searches in the whole day. You can imagine the social media ads and PPC campaign worth by identifying this worldwide data. This is the only answer to the question “Should I run any PPC ad for growing my business?”

According to the data, there are 100+ countries in the World promote their business only through online media and you also have to adopt it. And also after 2023, you won’t be able to promote your business If your online business growth will be zero.

An average of 12% (Click Through Rate)CTR on Google through PPC Ads comes. 75% of the total user who lands of PPC ads says Search ads are helpful to find them the exact service or product they want. According to the google searching history, 65% of users click on paid ads and the rest of 35% users click on organic results on google.

We work on optimizing the CTR for every PPC campaign that we run on Google and Facebook. This process is done by Title & meta optimizing, by Better Creatives, by engaging Call to Action and by a better description on every ad.

We also support you for optimizing your PPC campaign to get better results in the optimum budget. It might be possible you have knowledge of placing ads on Google and Facebook but your ads don’t give you the conversions then we will assist you to provide you with better suggestions.


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How we will increase your sales through PPC, CPA and CPV

We all know we have to reach the people we want when and where we want and online advertisement is the shortest and the optimum way to do this. The process of techagency varies on the situation of a business. For the businesses who started their market recently, we provide them with different services like branding, awareness and then promotion. For the business whos, online presence already builds we apply the direct approach on PPC campaigns. As you know we always believe in finding the best way to promote your business, so we perform the best suitable method to grow your business. As this is the second stage of internet marketing and everywhere lots of businesses place their ads on the internet then our digital marketing team run all campaigns wisely. We first aware of the product to the customers, nurture the audience (to make them familiar to our brand) and then finally we place ads for the exact conversion.

Steps towards the success of all types of PPC Campaigns

PPC, CPA & CPV Ad Campaign Platforms

More than 7 million marketers invest 10.1 Billion dollars in recent year, so you need to market your product or services in multiple channels. We, Techagency will help you to run your PPC campaign effectively.

Keyword Ads on Google

Everyday 45K searches done on search google engine worldwide and 65% of the clicks come from paid keyword ads rest of the clicks come from organic search results. Keyword ads ROI is far better than other ads methods. We Techagency recommend promoting your business by Google keyword ads.

Youtube Ads

We also deal with CPV Ad campaigns for youtube ads. This is the cheapest way for brand awareness and product awareness for any business. In India CPV rates in Youtube are now cheaper than other countries. We try to make better and Convertable video for promoting your business.

Display Ads

It refers to the process of online advertising of a product through visuals – banners, creatives and videos. One-way marketing to generate more sale and more leads on Facebook and Google. This type of ad campaign converts well with the remarketing ads because it seems authentic and believable when it appears again and again on the same platform.

LinkedIn Inmail Marketing

From past 2 years, LinkedIn Inmail marketing became a great advertising tool to establish b2b business connections to make big deals for business. We are dealing with LinkedIn marketing for high-level businesses also. You have to sit back and relax after giving us some access and some information about your business and we will provide you with huge business deals through LinkedIn.

Other Ad Campaigns

Along with these ad campaign services, we also provide the other ad services like TikTok CPV ads, Facebook and google remarketing ads, Native Ads and more. Once you allow us to market your product we will consult you the best way of marketing which will take less money and will give you better conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best PPC Ad for my business?

It depends on your product and the online presence of your business. If your business has already run ads on any of the online platforms then a direct PPC Ad can work well. But if you are running ad the first time then you need to aware the audience and then promote your PPC campaign

What is Google ad and Facebook Ad?

The paid ads which appear on google search results, and on different websites are called google ads. Similarly, the sponsored ads appear on Facebook profile timeline messenger and other places on Facebook are called Facebook Ads.

I have a business and I have knowledge to run PPC ads, should I place the ads by myself?

Practice makes a man perfect, yes you must have to place ads on your own but only if you have proper time and the resources look perfect. Initially, you have to take the risk and invest some money to become a perfect marketer for PPC Campaigns.

Are PPC Ads important to grow my business?

Of course, it is important more than doing other tasks in your business. To compete with your competitor and to grow your business within a limit you must have to promote your product or service through PPC Ad Campaigns.

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