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Paid marketing gives the required push to your business, it can be high or low according to your budget. Our paid marketing services are always ready with all essential tools and with highly experienced tech team. You just have to choose one service or tell us to fix it for you.

Keyword Research
Brand Bidding
Optimizing the CPC
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Brand Awareness
Remarketing Ads
Shopping Ads
Youtube Ads


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Optimized PPC Ads
Separate FB Platform Ads
Messenger Chatbot
CPA ads


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Landing Page Building
Email Autoresponder Setup
Email Automation
DFY Email Sequencing


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PPC, CPA & CPV Ads Industry

More than 7 million marketers invest 10.1 Billion dollars in recent year, so you need to market your product or services in multiple channels. We, Techagency will help you to run your PPC campaign effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best PPC Ad for my business?

It depends on your product and the online presence of your business. If your business has already run ads on any of the online platforms then a direct PPC Ad can work well. But if you are running ad the first time then you need to aware the audience and then promote your PPC campaigns.

What are Google ads and Facebook Ads?

The paid ads which appear on google search results, and on different websites are called google ads. Similarly, the sponsored ads appear on Facebook profile timeline messenger and other places of the Facebook platform are called Facebook Ads.

I have a business and I have knowledge to run PPC ads, should I place the ads by myself?

Practice makes a man perfect, yes you must have to place ads on your own but only if you have proper time and the resources look perfect. Initially, you have to take the risk and invest some money to become a perfect marketer for PPC Campaigns.

Are PPC Ads important to grow my business?

Of course, it is important more than doing other tasks in your business. To compete with your competitor and to grow your business within a limit you must have to promote your product or service through PPC Ad Campaigns.

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