According to the Small Business Administration of U.S. online businesses are growing faster than traditional businesses and traditional stores. Its true and you can check it continuously because the offline market is converting online continuously.

There is a great impact on an online store. In simple words, If we have a store in any of the places in Delhi. then who are the customers our store, mostly local customers. This is not possible to touch with any other city’s customer.

So online store is necessary for capturing the global level market.

Making an E-Commerce Website

e-commerce website

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. Ecommerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet. Source: Shopify

Before start making an E-Commerce website, We have to make a plan for our website. This plan makes a rough estimation that how much time it takes to build and how much money is required to build.

Planning for Building an e-commerce website:

  • Select a category for your e-store, If you want to sell multiple items on it, you have to make a list of those.
  • Explore other websites which provide services what you want, If you have a new product to sell then make sure it is prepared with some varieties. Because in an online store if you have lots of products to show on your catalog that will be more beneficial for customer experience.
  • Determine the prices of your products.
  • Calculate shipping charges and make a city-wise shipping charges list.
  • Choose a domain name or pick a domain name for your store.
  • Set us your product management user account.
  • Select data source from where you can collect product data for your website.

Decide Your Product:

For starting to build an online store it is very important that you chose your product wisely. There are lots of failures in the field of e-commerce service providers that they don’t choose their product with research. So that first research about your product that it has valued now or not, what are the competitions we want to face with that particular product.

If your product is new in the market then first research about market size and target audience. Sometimes we thought that our product is new and it will sell defiantly, so first research for your product either it is or running.

Set Pricing for your products:

This is the main thing to set prices of your products. Let’s suppose you are going to start an offline shop and there are lots of competitor on that product field which you have chosen. In this case, you have to put your priceless from others or you have to provide extra services or good services to customers.

I believe in providing good services to customers because a scale-able business is not running well by first putting fewer prices and then after making price high is not good for good user experience.

Figure out the whole price of your product:

  • Min. Price
  • Shipping
  • Packing
  • Handling
  • Advertisement Cost

All expenses have to calculated for make benefit on selling products.

Step guide to making E-Commerce website:

Step 1: First we have to purchase a domain name for our e-commerce website. It should be unique and meaningful and should match with your product service.

Step 2: Setup your hosting with your hosting provider and link your domain name with your hosting. Now install WordPress on this website by your c-panel.

Step 3: Choose your desired theme and put it on your website either it is paid theme or nulled. If you are going to sell genuinely then you must to go with the paid theme or if you are going to learn e-commerce website designing then you have to go with some free themes, but make sure that theme must able to import demo data because apart from that you cannot learn it well.

Step 4:  Most important step, A plugin named woocommerce required for every e-store in WordPress websites. You have to install it manually or if it shows on recommended plugin then must install this plugin. This plugin has to set up some required things like shipping methods cities, shipping costs, and payment details. Also, you have to set your online payment gateway on your woocommerce.


Step 5: Setup your payment gateway for online payment service. All the payment gateway needs a Current account of any of the bank. For open a current account we need a company registration for our venture. It can be PVT LTD or LLC.

But there is one loophole to use a payment gateway. There is one payment gate available which is work with your saving account named Instamojo, You can make your payment gateway account on Instamojo and start your online payment.

Remember: Before registering on any of the payment gateways make sure your website has fulfilled with a proper privacy policy, Terms and conditions, and about us also. So that when service provider come to verify your website that this website is able to take payments or not, you don’t face any termination for your registration.

Step 6: Make your product categories and put them on your website main menu, You can make a separate column of your categories.

Step 7:  Now the most important thing is Products. In other words, products are the life of any E-Commerce website. So that Add your products manually or by any excel sheet.

You can install a plugin name import-export and then export some sample products. After that, you can fill the excel sheet with your products and you can upload this sheet by import option.

Step 8: Customize your home page and your website is ready to use now.

It can be more attractive when you put some offers here. There is a coupon option available on your woo commerce plugin. Explore it and make some coupons for offers and all.


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