Have you stuck to search that “How to create a blog for free“?  It is good to search in google but make sure you search for the right thing and in right place!

Blogging is the most useful tool for connecting with peoples. It gives us the freedom to present our thoughts and skill in front of the world. According to my opinion, everyone should do blogging to show their talent and thoughts around the world.

For Free Blogging You will get lots of sites in the internet world or on google. These all are called web 2.0 websites which gives you a place and interface to make a free blog site. These all are not completely your own but it is good to take a start.

What is Blogging? How to create a free blog?

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A blog (a truction of the expression “weblog”) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts) Source: wikipedia

Blogging and Blog Platforms

Basically, free blogging platforms are created by other websites. Like you made an account on Facebook, then Facebook gives you a platform to share anything, to make a profile of your own, to show anything.

Like Facebook, there are lots of websites who give a space and account on their own website. Blogging website gives you a sub-domain name include with their website name.

So that all the websites which give us some space on their website, they are known as web 2.0 website. because this is not only a website. These websites are a group website of their users.

Free blog website list

Here, I am introducing some most popular web 2.0 websites where you can make your own blog website including with the name of these websites.

In these websites, you have to make the account and have to give a username which should be unique. After making the account on these websites you will get a URL. This URL is your website name.

After setup all these things, You can write blogs and also choose templates by your own choice.

Note: In most of the web 2.0 websites, You can get a paid domain you have to avoid it and select a free domain including with that particular website name.



For making blogs, in your free blog website you have to do practice to learn using the tools of that particular website by which you made your website.

Follow all guidelines of blogging. Sometimes we think that blogging is easy and write all the matter on it. This is not a correct method for writing blogs. In blogs, we have to do some research like keyword research, headings, images and more.



If you learned about blog writing, You can easily write blogs of your choice. In every blogging website, you have to write continuously for the better result. People focus on those things which move fast. So the movement of your website is necessary.

Amazing Facts:

One of my clients asks me to make a blogging website for himself. He started his blogging with full joy and passion. He was writing his blogs and he wrote 3 to 4 blogs, after that he hadn’t written any blogs and his site had gone down on google ranking.

This also happens when you stop updating your site even if you wrote lots of blogs and your site went popular.

Must consider that if we are a beginner, then free blogging platforms are the best way to take a start of your blogging journey. This must learn you that how to create a free blog for free Blogspot. One you will become perfect for writing blogs on free platforms, then it is a good sign of your blog’s writing.

Other Benefits of Blogging:

Do you know that bloggers are the hero for expressing their thoughts and values? They can also show themselves more then they are. Bloggers are also able to earn money and be an ideal man.

Most of the people using Facebook to writing blogs, this is also a good way to write blogs on facebook. In Facebook, we have to make a page of your blogs or we can make a group here.

And now we can start our blogging here as a post. But one thing is that we have to collect peoples on our blogging page or group manually in starting face. This will be a simple Facebook page where you can create a free blog for free on Facebook.

Earn money from our blogs is a little bit tricky. It requires a website of your own (you want to take a domain and hosting and make your own website).

So now this is not a very big question that, how to create a blog for free in India?

Free blogging can easily start in India and we will get benefit from it.

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