Are you looking to create a website?

If your answer is yes! then you are in the right place to learn how to create a website easily. You can take the right knowledge from the right place through the internet. Methods and steps are provided here for making an excellent website.

All you are thought this is very typical and different work for you. I would like to tell you, this is not a tough job for you. If we talk about the Content management system(CMS). CMS is the easiest way to learn website designing. It takes less than a week to learn for those who know about computer operations and are familiar with the internet.

What are the websites and How to create a website

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website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. Notable examples are,, and Today roughly 380 new websites are created every minute across the World. Source: Wikipedia

Design your website from scratch

This method is used for making a website in a short period of time, you don’t need to have extra knowledge about the languages of website designing. CMS is like a website builder, which are helpful to prepare a website in an easy manner.

1.      Make your website by the using WordPress CMS-

CMS stands for the Content Management System. This is a pre-made website structure where you do modify the structure and content according to the needs of your website. CMS is provided by different companies and for different types of ventures. All the CMS has 2 visual ends called customer end(front end) and back end. The customer end shows to viewers who see our website online, and back end is for the admin where you make changes on your website relatively. Some steps to start learning website designing with CMS-

    1. first, we have to set a server on the web, or if we want only to learn it, then we can set your server on local computer this server called xampp server. You must have to watch this video for knowing about the complete installation of WordPress on your local computer.
  1. After setting your WordPress site, we are ready to do work with it. Setup a theme by accessing the appearance menu on our dashboard. You just go to the dashboard and go to this path appearance>themes>add new. You can choose various type of WordPress themes here. some themes will be free to use, and some will be paid. Now, select a theme, install it and then activate.
  2. Import the demo data form “appearance>demo” data importer or from theme “option>demodata”.
  3. Now you can install required plugins which are shown on the top of your dashboard because of proper theme Interface the required plugins are required.
  4. Now you can design your front page first by following these steps “appearance>widgets” or directly by going to your first page on pages menu.

2.    Design your Website on Magento-

Magento is another popular CMS for website designing. This CMS is also the easiest platform to design your website, but in comparison to WordPress, it requires some of the language skills. because it is not the easiest CMS than WordPress. Magento is mostly used for e-commerce websites. For better understanding, you can learn about it from Google also.

3.    Make Your Website on OpenCart-

Opencart is also a CMS for an e-commerce website. This CMS has required HTML language to build the pages are designed by simple HTML codes. So the language required to learn HTML and also basic CSS. This is easy in comparison to Magento. Opencart has its own themes and plugins also. You can set themes and plugins according to your requirement.

Note: OpenCart is not used for lots of users, and its reliability is not so good. So that the plugins and themes are not available in the Internet market in a huge number. You will use it for making a simple e-commerce website. But free themes are available for OpenCart. It is not mobile friendly so that it gets a different structure on mobile devices.

4.    Make your website on Jumla-

Jumla is an open source CMS. This is mostly used for event and venue provider websites. It is based on website development languages, which are required for designing it in a good manner. In comparison to other CMS, Joomla is used less than WordPress and Magento. In Joomla multiple modules can be assigned in sidebar or menubar, It will be beneficial for build your site effectively. If you are a web developer, then you can easily handle Jumla sites.

5.    Making your website on Drupal-

Drupal is a complex open source in comparison to other cms. But apart from its complexity, it has advanced functionality as well. It depends on your needs. Drupal has more functionality than WordPress, but it is not easy than WordPress. If you are going to use Drupal, you have to understand it in a good manner. So that you can make able yourself to work with this cms.

Step by step guide to taking the start of making your website

Step 1: First, Decide what type of website you want to design. It can be a blogging website, an e-commerce website. Any type of the website you want to design just decide it and make it.

Step 2: Choose a domain name for your website. This name is called a domain name. Choose 3 to 5 names for your website because there are fewer chances that one single name can get you by the domain service provider. By selecting the name for your website, You have to

Step 3: Choose a hosting plan, go to hosting provider website by which you will purchase a domain and hold your website on the internet.

Step 4: Install your desired CMS from your c-panel access

Step 5: Customize your website from the dashboard. and now you are ready to build a website.

  1. make a good logo and add with your website.
  2. Choose a better theme from the appearance menu.
  3. Install the required plugins.
  4. design your front page from page menu or from widgets.
  5. add required content of your own.


  1. Before start making the website from these methods which are shown in this article you have to make familiar with your computer and also with the internet. Be sure that If you have to search for anything on the internet you can search that thing exactly. Skill to identify the problems when you will face them.
  2. Simply beginner level HTML coding knowledge required because of lots of time you have to code HTML for making content like writing blogs, putting some links on your content etc.
  3. command on c-panel of your service provider. that how to install cms here, how to make emails and more things. Also make your command with the dashboard of your website, so that you don’t need to face problems in between of designing your website.
  4. Always make your own content don’t try to copy any type of content which contains copyrights issues.
  5. Images should be taken by labelled for reuse or taken from an open source website.
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