Dear learners, do you want to learn website designing in an easy manner? If yes then this is the right place for you all, this method is allow you to set website on your personal computer without wasting money on any server.

We will learn how to set a server on our local computer and then how to install WordPress CMS on it. Managing a website in our local computer with the help of a server, it is a great method to learn website designing and also it will save our money.

Every learner should use this method because by using it we can easily identify useful plugins, themes of WordPress.

How to Install WordPress on localhost using Xampp


The localhost is the default name describing the local computer address also known as the loopback address. For example, typing: ping localhost would ping the local IP address of (the loopback address). When setting up a web server or software on a web server, is used to point the software to the local machine. Source: whatismyipaddress

The process to setup Xampp Server

First, we will set up our server on our local computer. But before starting it make sure you have a proper internet connection on your computer. and you have to be familiar with a google search that how we can search anything on google. The server setup for windows is xampp server setup and if you are a Mac user then you have to setup mamp server on your computer.

After setting our server, second, we will install WordPress on it and run our localhost website on our computer. This all work will take no more than 15 min and after that, you will be enabled to work with your website.

Step 1: Download and Install xampp on your computer:

First, we are going to download xampp from Apache-Friends.

download xampp

Download the file according to your desktop configuration and install xampp on your computer. (This method which is am discussing here, it is based on windows because there are no of users who use windows as compared to other OS.

Step 2: After Installing xampp you have to set some basic configuration on your xampp server so that your files are easily get installed on your localhost.

You have to make a new database name for your website on localhost/phpmyadmin. First, start xampp control panel and start all services, then search localhost/phpmyadmin/ on your browser.

making database on localhost

Step 3:

Now you have to install Wordpress on your computer.

Click here and download wordpress.  Click here

You have to extract the file and copy this wordpress file in Local(C)>xampp>htdocs

Step 4:

In step 3 we will install our WordPress. Just go to your browser and search localhost/wordoress.  Choose your Language and then click on submit button. Then Click on Lets Go.

After that, a page is open like this…

wordpress database

Put a database name which one was created on step 2. Put username “root” because in windows the username is root by default. The password is to be blank in windows and in mac you to put a password here “root”. Now other fields should be left as it is. Then Click on submit.

Finally, click on Run the installation and install WordPress.

Step 4:

Now you can access your dashboard by login to your dashboard and start making your site by your choice.

You can open it by “localhost/(site_name)” Do not white as it is to write your site name in place of site_name.

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