Choosing a domain name is similar to find a company name if you are willing to promote your products and services, your domain name is the biggest asset for you. Are you going to start a blog or you are going to start an e-commerce website etc? All you need to know about a domain name first.

  • What if your business name domain already exists?
  • What if you choose a domain name without searching on the web and that domain name already exists?

So choosing a domain is easy but sometimes it becomes difficult to find it. According to stats of, every day in the United States over 25,000 to 30,000 domains are registered. And all over the world, it is on an average of 1,44,000 per day. You can imagine how difficult it is to find a name to register on the web.

What is a Domain? What are the subparts of a domain name?

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A domain name is an identity of your website on the web, which is used to open the given information about your products and services. And this is the first and most important asset to link any of the business to its customers online.

A domain name is just a name to which you register on the web by using any of the domain name provider company.

It might be boring for you but I want to cover it from the beginning. Imagine If you will be the admin of a website that is popular and people ask you again and again for your blog/product/service.

I can bet you that if any kind of website you have and that website has enough traffic then you can earn a huge income in a very short period of time.

So now let’s come to the subparts of a domain name…

A domain name includes 2 parts, one is domain name extension and the second is sub-domain.

1. Domain Name Extension (Top Level Domain)

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Domain name extensions are .com, .in,,, and so on. By knowing about the domain name extension you always heard that .in is for India only or it is rank better in India Only and .com is for international use, it ranks better on the united states and Canada. There are lots of myths and true facts about the domain name you have heard already.

So let’s make it clear first then we will move ahead on our topic. Your website can be open with any of the domain name extensions to anywhere in the world but some ranking factors are responsible for some of the domain name extensions.

  1. .in domain name extension is rank better in India but it does not follow with all the websites. It all depends on search engine ranking factors and the content which shares on that particular domain website.
  2. .com domain name extension is for all over the world. It ranks better in any of the countries.
  3. are used for govt websites.
  4. is rank better in the United Kingdom.

So these are the ranking factors of domain name extensions. Now come to the subdomain.

2. Subdomain

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So subdomain is the subpart of a domain name. A short term or short word which is followed by a domain name with a dot (.) is called a domain name.

Here are some examples of subdomain, and so on. A single domain can have multiple subdomains but a single domain can register with multiple domain name extension if available.

How to pick a domain name?

A domain name should be fit for your business and easy to remember. A domain name is an identity of your business, so you have to choose a domain name for the full and final name of your business website.

Here are some facts to find a good domain name-

  1. Make your domain name easy to remember and easy to type on the web. If it is difficult to type by your customers and related persons then you will face trouble.
  2. Make sure your domain is not a lengthy sentence, it should be short and meaningful.
  3. Using keywords related to your business niche on your domain name is a great thing, it helps to rank the product or service pages of your website.
  4. Numbers and hyphens are not good for any of the domains, you can use the number in some of the domain but that number should be meaningful.
  5. Use an appropriate domain name extension according to your business uses and your country.
  6. Most important is research for your domain name. The name which you will decide for your domain name should be registered as a trademark of any of the business already. The name itself is a trademark for all its subdomains and its domain name extensions. So make sure your domain name is fresh and not registered as a trademark anywhere.
  7. If a domain is registered as a trademark in a different country then you can buy this domain name with different domain name extensions in your country.

So why don’t you register your domain name and start a website immediately? I hope all the things to pick a domain is clear now, and you guys are ready to pick a domain name now.

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