Stop thinking keep blogging; otherwise, your website will no longer come in the search engine result. It sounds quite easy to start a blog and make money only, but it is not an easy task. All beginners who want to start their online career are curious to know “how to start a blog to make money.”

Starting a blog doesn’t mean you will earn money online after some days. All you have to plan for a long term process for your blogging journey so that you can make income after 2 to 3 months of blogging. As we know, this is not a typical task, and also this is not an easy task, but we have to know about all the ways of making income through blogging.

How to Start A Blog

Blogging is like a hobby, or it is kind of a passion. You cannot do it if you don’t like the topic of your blogging. So you can start a blog which you like most and for which you write something.

  1. Choose the topic of you blog
  2. Connect your blog with income opportunities
  3. Learn basic of WordPress website designing
  4. Learn SEO tips to rank your blog
  5. Plan for next one-month blogging topics
  6. Make a pattern of your blog

By completing these steps now, you can start your blog. Try to be consistent on your blog, you must have to publish one by one blog on a continuous period of days. Always remember you have to write blogs with a proper title, including a keyword that has sufficient searches on the internet.

What are the options to make money through blogging

1. Adsense on Blogs:

Every blogger starts their online income journey by adsense of google or of any other adsense service provider. You can apply for the google adsense after 2 to 3 months of your blogging, you must have to fulfill some of the guidelines to get approved your adsense account.

2. Influencer Marketing

This is another marketing technique in the social media world. If you have enough traffic on your blog, then you will get lots of notifications and emails for the promotions. You can write for someone who wants to be promoted by you, and you will get income on behalf of that promotion on your blog.

3. Sponsored Marketing

In this marketing, you have to promote some other websites in your blog by placing some banners and videos. You can make money by sponsoring businesses on your blog.

4. Affiliate Marketing

The one and only highest money-making marketing on the internet through blogs is affiliate marketing. In this marketing, you have to promote some other websites products on your blog or on your website, and if anybody purchases those products through your website, then you will get some profit from that product.

5. Dropshipping

This is a pre-make marketplace where you are the semi owner of thousands of products. You dont have to purchase any stock, you dont have to arrange any shipping partner for delivering the product. This is an ecommerce business but without any of your own products. Simply you have to register for some dropshipping websites like Shopify, Ali express, messo, etc. and make your own blog describe the products which you want to sell and put it on your blog site. Once the user makes a purchase, then you will get the income.

These all depend on website traffic, if you cant generate more and more traffic on your website, then you cannot make money from the above-mentioned options. You can take the help of a digital marketer, or you can learn digital marketing on your own.

Online income is quite easy when you do smart work in the right direction. So, If you have any mentor with you, then there are more chances to get more and more income through your blogging.

One I want to clear to you, Now you are going to start your blog for making online income then you have to be clear for every option of making income online. There 5 option for which I have explained and in adsense, there is no high amount of income on blogging. There are two options which will give you a high amount of online income that is affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

So keep focusing on these two if it is possible.

I hope you will get a proper idea about online income through your blog. If you have any query then you can comment below, if you want to get information regarding any other related topic then leave a comment, I will definitely write for that topic for you.

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