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Because lead generation is the first step to generate the sale of a product or service so you have to be conscious while starting a business promotion. You must have to collect customers information with us to make a bigger audience for your products or services.

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Lead generation is a semi-automatic process to generate leads in a different manner, a combination of online ads, remarketing ads, copywriting and email marketing which finally generates sales 10 times more than usual marketing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why lead generation is better than ordinary ad campaigns?

A lead generation program is designed for getting long term profit, it costs more than ordinary ad campaigns but it gives you 4 to 5 times profit after getting leads. In 2020 there are lots of websites available on the internet by which anyone can do a comparison of your product and services. It happens If you are new in the market and the majority of the audience didn’t know about your brand. So lead generation is the process by which you can make your brand familiar among the majority of the audience.

What is the Lead Generation Process?

Lead Generation is the process by which we can collect leads for long term use. We can promote our offers again and again and generate sales without placing an ad on the ad platforms. This process is a combination of Copy Writing, Landing Page Optimization and Email Marketing.

How much budget should I required for generating leads through the lead generation process?

You required 15% of gross target revenue or more to run your lead generation campaign. It is depending on your skills if you have skills to write sales copies and email copies then you just need 15% extra from your regular ad budget.

What type of values I have to provide to my audience in my lead generation campaign?

Our team of marketers recommend providing lifetime values to their customers, don’t fool them by promising impossible things which you can not provide them anymore. But their trust with the honesty and make lifetime relation. Always try to solve their problems do not provide some unnecessary or irrelevant things.

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