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According to the stats of 2019, 50% of the budget invests on lead generation through all the digital marketers in which 54% of marketers say half of their budget allocated for the lead generation while 35% of marketers say less than half of their budget allocated for the lead generation. So why don’t you start it today, because this is a marketing technique in which you can get the benefit after exhausting your whole budget also?

Every business needs to increase its number of leads every day so that they can target them and sell their product or services so that we Techagency are here to help you to generate more leads through online platforms. In 2020 you must have to follow certain tasks to gain the leads every day otherwise you will no longer be able to generate leads.

We don’t use the third party offers to generate leads that are not able to nurture. We use relative and authentic offers to generate leads and nurture them wisely and always try to give them values to become lifetime customers.

We also work on email marketing techniques, we provide better and Convertable email copies for getting better results. Because of the lead generation is a partial marketing technique to getting sales, so that there are lots of work has to be done after generating leads and we work on it.

Because lead generation is the first step to generate the sale of a product or service so you have to be conscious when the time of start lead generation services. You might have to cooperate with us to convert the leads into sales.


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How we will generate leads through lead generation service

Lead generation is a semi-automatic process to generate leads in a different manner, a combination of online ads, remarketing ads, copywriting and email marketing which finally generates sales 10 times more than usual marketing services. Also, lead generation is a part of generating sales for a company, so if anybody wants to take this service from us, we recommend them to take the email marketing services including with lead generation, so that they will get proper benefit of lead generation. Our process is simple and easy to understand, we have covered basic ideation of our working process, once you will make a query we will share our full strategy of generating leads to you.

Steps towards the success of your Lead Generation Process

Steps of Lead Generation

Because the Lead Generation has various steps to make it fully operational so that we must have to understand the steps and benefits of lead generation.

Copy Writing (Step 1)

This is the most essential step to follow in the lead generation process. Without copywriting a lead generation campaign cannot be giving you the results in the end. Copywriting is a type of content writing which enables the customer to take the decision to buy the products and services. There is a difference between content writing and copywriting, and copywriting gives more effective results in comparison to content writing.

Email Automation & Chatbot (Step 3)

Email automation is as important as you required a website for your business. In Lead generation process we required lots of email copies to generate a sufficient amount of leads and also for nurturing those leads. A customer will not purchase any services or products from you if he/she don’t know about you, so these emails work as medicine which corrects the identity problem in between customers and you.

Landing Page Preparation (Step 2)

The base of a Lead Generation process and the only platform where you can convert your customer in any direction. A landing page is quite different from a normal website page, it includes essential lead catching forms and buttons which gives you more conversion than usual. Techagency also gives you the service to build the landing pages to get access for the lead generation process. Your website might have included lots of lead collection options but we provide this service also with our lead generation service.

Running Ads and A/B Testing (Step 4)

We don’t believe in a single ad run for lead generation that this is the best ad copy and this will give us a good result. We always test 2 to 3 ad copies on our lead generation campaign and select the best out of them. It helps your business to reduce the ad budget, you only have to allow to do this for you and we perform all the necessary tasks for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why lead generation is better then ordinary ad campaigns

A lead generation program is designed for getting long term profit, it costs more than ordinary ad campaigns but it gives you 4 to 5 times profit after getting leads. In 2020 there are lots of websites available on the internet by which anyone can do a comparison of your product and services. It happens If you are new in the market and the majority of the audience didn’t know about your brand. So lead generation is the process by which you can make your brand familiar among the majority of the audience.

What is Lead Generation Proecss?

Lead Generation is the process by which we can collect leads for long term use. We can promote our offers again and again and generate sales without placing an ad on the ad platforms. This process is a combination of Copy Writing, Landing Page Optimization and Email Marketing.

How much budget should I required for generating leads through lead generation process?

You required 15% of gross target revenue or more to run your lead generation campaign. It is depending on your skills if you have skills to write sales copies and email copies then you just need 15% extra from your regular ad budget.

What type of values I have to provide to my audience in my lead generation campaign?

Our team of marketers recommend providing lifetime values to their customers, don’t fool them by promising impossible things which you can not provide them anymore. But their trust with the honesty and make lifetime relation. Always try to solve their problems do not provide some unnecessary or irrelevant things.

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