Importance of social media marketing | How to improve social media platforms

Importance of social media marketing | How to improve social media platforms

What is the Importance of social media marketing and what is its impact on online business?

Social media marketing is the best way to promote any of the business, even if offline business also get benefited from social media marketing. It helps to show personal branding and also useful for the branding of the business.

Importance of social media marketing for businesses

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s no passing trend. Source:

Popular social media platforms

Basically social media platforms are responsible for conversions of a business. I believe in those social media which has trust in the market.

In social media, peoples have all the control for any of the promotions, so that we have to promote engaging thing so that it can be viral on the market.

I am introducing some social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Quora

Social Media for Business and small ventures

According to the step by step updates of all the social media, it is a typical process to promote any of the business organically in any social media.

A truth I want to share with you. Majority of the people like to watch interesting things which are entertaining. So we have to be casual as we are a person a bot in our social media business profile.

All I want to say that for promoting our business profile organically, we have to make engaging post and have continous posting for all the days.

Social media profiles are build by paid promotion also because it id not defined that whatever profile you have made and whatever post you made, that post reached to those people who are the target audience.

So that every business needs to promote its things as paid advertisement. Paid ads are very helpful for target the right audience in right manner.

social media marketing strategy Tips

  • Optimize a social media channel by profile picture, cover, bio, site link and all.
  • Always make sure you are posting engaging contents.
  • Use hashtags for the best target audience.
  • Put video content more instead of text or photo content.
  • Make best graphics for taking attention of social media users.
  • Check insight and check the most viral post and post similar post again and again.
  • Use catchy taglines for taking attention.
  • Also, follow the algorithm of every social media for best engagements.

What are the benefits of social media marketing

According to a HubSpot report, 92% of all marketers confirmed that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their online store. On the other hand, around 80% of them said that social media efforts increased traffic of their company sites

Every business increment is on the public which used the service of that particular service. So that social media is one the best platform to promote anything.

Where their thousands and millions of public exists on a single social media platform, any of the things can go popular on its own by promotion. but for increasing engagement, we have to follow some strategies.

Benefits by using social media for marketing

by importance of Social media marketing, we can bring any type of sales, leads, visitors and more. By using social media we can promote our blogs also.

It has potential to market any of the business. Also all the offline ventures and business do work on it for showing their existence in social media.

Important things for the promotions

  • Facebook: Facebook is best platform and it has highest number of users itself. For the promotion of any of the business page it follows some algorithm. Facebook engagement increases when video content is promoted. Post as picture should be engaging, has potential to be viral. Facebook post basically reached 10 to 20 percent form page likes. So that make sure your post should be catchy. Facebook don’t give extra reaches for any links in the posts.
  • Instagram: It is based on follow peoples who are from the same ventures or same categories. It also needs the same type of post, so that our engagement increases. Instagram give you the value if you will make engagement with same type of pages as you have.
  • Twitter: This is s good and trust-able platform for any of the genuine thing. In twitter we should have to be specific for our promotion. Because it has limits to post limited words. In twitter we also need to follow the same people who are related to our venture.

That’s all for this blog, hope you guys enjoyed this article.

How to Do Digital Marketing, Learn Digital Marketing

How to Do Digital Marketing, Learn Digital Marketing

On every online business, there is the biggest question comes “How to Do Digital Marketing”. For doing marketing of the online business, this is to be a very important thing that we have to clear of a plan for it.

So, If we are a team then this is OK for performing a plane of digital marketing, where you can distribute all the tasks to all which are required for digital marketing.

Digital marketing is so bigger and wide. It comes from a long time. Have you know that who had started digital marketing first by inventing the machine.
He was Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio. And this is the first media of digital marketing.

10 most Important things to do in Digital Marketing:


Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices or sources. Source: NEIL PATEL

  • Video

For promoting our services or product, it is most important to share videos to market their product or services. Because according to the trending digital marketing results videos are more engaging than other media content of digital marketing.

You should have to make engaging videos for sharing on social media.

True fact: Nowadays people get lazy. They don’t want to think so for any strange thing which you want to deliver them. So videos are the only content which easily enters their mind and engage them with your product or service.

  • SEO

This is a great method to get traffic organically. This is an auto method to get traffic but in starting face we have to do much more thing for it. Just like Blogs writing with focus keyword, Article submission, PDF Submission, Photo Submission, Comment writing, Social Bookmarking, Forum submission, Local Listings and all.

  • SEM

Search Engine Marketing is also important if we are a new venture. It is necessary to visible ourself in google. It works on some keyword and for our own URL. we have to pay to google for it for some keywords or for website URL so that Google put our site top on its searching on Google.

  • Content Marketing

This is most necessary for all type of business or services. Content marketing is basically a content writing process where we write contents in our site. This content is for our product or services. So that google shows our website to related searches on Google.

  • Google Analytics:

This process gives us the right traffic details on right time form the right place. By doing this he gets clear about the traffic of our website. It gives information about the location of traffic and all.

After watching the insights on google analytics, we can plan a new campaign for the digital marketing of our website.

  • Make Curiosity:

Always promote products or service as prior notice, so that people get curious about your venture and after that launch your new product or service as well.

If we follow this type of marketing, we can make a good awareness of the people. and get good traffic on our website.

  • Be Casual:

According to a survey, people don’t read so many ads and promotional posts on social media. Because people get bored by watching these ads again.

So we have to share some casual things between our offers. We have to entertain people so that they take interest in our product or service. The best thing is done when we are able to connect our ad message through interacting content.

  • Be A problem solver:

Make things problem-solving things. So people get help from your product or service. This type of promotion get more engagement, People think that you are a genuine thing and you can solve a major problem of them.

  • Be Persuasive:

An incredible advanced promoting pioneer won’t just appear with extraordinary relationship building abilities, yet they’ll likewise have the capacity to join investigative reasoning with inventive critical thinking to enable groups to concoct creative crusade thoughts to drive organizations forward.

Also, a major piece of this is being enticing. Would you be able to persuade another person to buy? Shouldn’t something be said about persuading other group pioneers that your thought is the best? This isn’t tied in with belligerence as much as having the certainty that you realize what you’re doing and demonstrating this in detail.

  • Identify Unusual Skill Sets:

So In our own venture, we perform various tasks for digital marketing with lots of skills. But by getting a result after a struggle. We get clean about the skills that what is the useful skill on our team and what is the unuseful skill on our team. So, identify the right skills on your team and leverage them for that particular skills.


So we can also do digital marketing from home. Because it doesn’t want to be a physical presence in any organization. If We are able to give it a great time form anywhere then it will be OK to do it from anywhere.  So 2 to 3 things we have required for doing it well.

A good internet connection and A peaceful place for performing task very well.

There is the biggest community market for doing digital marketing named facebook. So now the question is “how to do digital marketing on Facebook”.

facebook marketing

So I am doing facebook marketing for 2 years and I eventually saw that Facebook has some algorithm to follow the engagement rules. I saw that Facebook doesn’t consider us as a genuine marketer if we don’t do some promotional marketing on facebook which is paid.

We always make a lot of likes and shares on our Facebook page with the help of our known community, So that we can get engagement on our posts. But by this work, the ratio of engagement and like don’t even work because facebook bot system doesn’t consider us a genuine marketer.

Follow these things to do digital marketing effectively on Facebook.

  1. Make Some more related pages on Facebook and always share casual content on these pages. Do connect these pages to the main page of your venture.
  2. Don’t leave a single day to share on facebook.
  3. Do some pain marketing on starting days of promotion on Facebook. So that Facebook get Itenditfy you are a genuine marketer and your posts get engage according to the correct algorithm of Facebook.
  4. Do share problem-solving ads on Facebook, so that posts get more engaged.
  5. Make your pages fully customize like product ads and all.
  6. Always share facebook stories from your page, because people mostly focus on the new feature of any type of social media platform.
  7. Do share at least 2 videos in a week on your Facebook Page.


Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management

In every online based company has a question that what will be their Social Media Marketing strategy?

There are a number of peoples work for social media management for a single website in a company. Every online based company spends 40 to 50 % of their profit on social media ads.

Social media advertisement is the major key of today’s online business. All Knows that Social Media Marketing is the biggest industry in today’s world. Digital Marketing sector has grown faster than the Internet itself. In terms of social media marketing, Facebook growth was the fastest growth in social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

social media marketing

I would like to say that social media marketing is like oxygen for an online business, without social media marketing none of the business lives. Source:

Why Social Media Marketing is Important

Social media marketing is the orderly utilization of advertising alongside different ideas and procedures to accomplish particular conduct objectives for a social decent. Social media marketing can be connected to advance, for instance, justify merchandise, influence the general public to keep away from negative mark products and along these lines to advance that considers society’s prosperity all in all. This may incorporate requesting that individuals not smoke in broad daylight territories, for instance, request that they utilize safety belts, inciting to influence them to pursue speed limits.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) meaning refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products.

5 Steps in Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2018

So before a few years ago, we did make social media marketing strategy straight away with some skills. These strategies were just more than our competitors and this was enough to beat them.

So in 2018, this will be a huge challenge for any of the company to beat their competitor.

So I am going to tell you about the top 5 strategies of social media marketing.

  • Create social media marketing goals to solve the biggest challenge of your own niche of business.

So first make a blueprint to solve challenges strategy and start doing work on it. Make social media content that you are going to solve this for them in further days.

  •  Make Research your social media target audience.

It can be the biggest thing these days that we have to clear about our audience. The audience which is responsible for our product or for which we made our product that audience should be targeted by our social media platforms properly. Do focus your audience in all of the social media which you are using for your advertisement.

  •    Find out your social competitors promises:

You can promote anything in social media which one is promoted by your competitor for future in any of the social media platforms, you can promote it as you have prepared that particular service and ready to serve.

Like you can promote some new products on Google products with ads. Ad these products everywhere, whatever social media you have use you have to put these products surely.

  • Build Engaging social media Ads:

Social media ads should be engaging like those media which are able to connect with human’s feelings. these type of content must convert your sales on your online marketplace.

  •  Understand your insights on google analytics:

Understanding google analytics is the most important thing, to retarget our target audience. This is a tool which gives us a chance to improve our social media marketing strategy.

Use source code links for target your audience in different social media platform. By doing this, we can identify the leads of different social platforms.



Let’s discuss social media marketing benefits. Social media is to be much beneficial for any type of lead generation on any type of business. This is the only method where we can promote our brand manually.

Some social media marketing benefits:

  • It helps to promote our new product whatever we launch in our brand or business.
  • It increases our sales on any big festival or if you launch a deal with social media promotion.
  • Social media marketing helps to make your brand more visible on the internet in form of social media users.
  • Social media marketing generates more sales ever, we give benefits to our customers.
  • It gives us a freedom to share anything for our brand on our channel.
  • Through social media, we can make a connection with customers feelings.

We have lots of social media marketing ideas but It is necessary that we need to have the right ideas. So we will discuss some right ideas of social media marketing here.

  1. We want to share all the trending news related to our category in any of the social media platform. It is necessary to share trending news on social media because people get engaged more by trending topics.
  2. Don’t leave a single day to post on social media, because how much we will share on social media, that much engagement increase on our channel and people get connected to our brand.
  3. Don’t miss out to show our brand logo on your posts either that content is on any form.
  4. Remember Social media marketing is not a task for a single guy. It required various skills and no of guys to perform all the works.
  5. Make campaigns of a single new product or a single new offer. Make a blueprint of it and start working.
  6. Use some tools for posting on multiple platforms at a time. Here are some social media marketing tools to discuss.

1. Canva for instant banner making.

2. Buffer to schedule posts on a specific time and for the automatic post on the different platform at a time.

7.  Must use the same username on all your brand name of all social media platform.


Note:  If You don’t have any business or a brand which you have to promote. You can do social media marketing for other. It can be a source of social media marketing salary for you. It can generate a huge salary by doing it for any of the organization.