What is shared web hosting, Advantages of shared hosting

What is shared web hosting, Advantages of shared hosting

You will rock in your life if you are going to start your career in websites and all. The present exists in the online world, and we just have to take part to create this new world. Web hostings make the path for this online world journey.

Hello Digital Freaks, I am Govind Rana, and today I am gonna tell you about shared web hosting, its benefits, and its disadvantages. I also share my suggestion to you about shared hosting. By reading this whole article, you can grow your skills definitely.

What is Shared Hosting?

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Shared hosting is Web hosting in which the service provider serves the parts of a web server for multiple Web sites, each having its own Internet domain name, from a single Web server?

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This type of hosting is usually taken by those digital freaks who want to learn website designing or want to start a small blog, or someone wants to start a small business.

Shared hosting is a small part of hosting, In which multiple users use space to host their websites. It is like a wifi connection, where multiple users share the connection from a leased line.

I was starting my first blog with shared hosting with a short amount of money, and at that time, I learned to blog, and this was the time when I was learning digital marketing. With this hosting plan, I learned all my SEO work, On-Page Off-Page SEO on my website by working with live projects. 

So My experience is good in the initial stage of the online world. I will recommend you to go with the shared hosting. If you are going to take a start online work.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

For Initial Stage of a blog

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Shared hosting packages are good for a small blog or initial stage of the blog, and it is more affordable for early birds. Youths always seek to get things at an affordable price, so this hosting plan is good for them. They can change their hosting plan when the traffic on their website increases.

For Small scale businesses


If your website has less no of visitors and it doesn’t need more visitors, then this hosting is very good. You can start with shared hosting, it runs your website smoothly, and you don’t face any problem.

For Learning

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Some institute of website designing and digital marketing give practical training to their students. On that learning phase, you can take hosting. This hosting is also beneficial for those who want to learn on their own.

Disadvantages of Shared hosting

  1. Shared hosting has some short of space, and it has less no of resources so that our website is not able to handle high traffic.
  2. Host-only one domain at a time and two or more domain cannot install on this hosting plan.
  3. Shared hosting has less no of resources, so If you put various cms or various website structures on a single website, it refuses to handle and your site shut down until solving the problem.
  4. Not useful for eCommerce websites.

Here are some shared hosting providers who provide good shared hosting

You can go with these hosting providers. I want to recommend you reseller club hosting specially for shared hosting. It is affordable and provides great services. C panel menu is good, easy to manage, and has useful CMS preinstalled.

Shared hosting plans are of two type

  1. Shared web hosting
  2. Pro Shared hosting

You will find some extra features on pro, and you will get Extra space and resource limit.

Customers Questions and Reviews

  1. Where would it be possible to check shared hosting?

There is no trail provided by any of the hosting providers, but if you are a new user for hosting provider website, then you will get a hosting plan with a one-year special price. You can get your shared hosting plan with affordable price.

Check this hosting plan.

Recommendations for buying a shared hosting

  1. Check whether the SSL certificate available with your shared hosting plan or not.
  2. Technical Support and live chat support is necessary to get instant help for your hosting issue.
  3. Compare the web hosting plans before buying any of the hostings.
  4. Must have a suitable c panel.
  5. Check whether you will get a business email account with your hosting or not.
  6. Hosting should provide min 15 days money-back guarantee.
How to Host A Website Step by Step Process

How to Host A Website Step by Step Process

Do you know that “What is Hosting?” What is the component of the hosting and what are things which are responsible for hosting? These all things I will going to introduce here, Let’s Introduce first, what is Hosting?

There are lots of hosting provider services on the internet, these all are not done any special work. They simply put some super computer and once you purchase their hosting plan, they put your website on these computers. As you know hosting computer connects with the internet through the servers that’s why your website shows on internet 24×7.

How to Host a Website

How to Host A Website

The first thing to consider when starting your website is to choose a web hosting provider (if you already have a web domain1). The web hosting provider provides the web space (i.e. special computers called web servers) where your website files are stored, as well as the technologies and services needed for your website to be viewed on the Internet. Source: Hostgator

Hosting Providers and Hosting Provider Company’s Rank

Basically hosting provider, provides us, a space for our website all time till the subscription period. So this is the first thing to do whenever we plan for a website. So first we have to plan for a hosting type that what type of hosting we have to purchase. It matters for website type.

Once we decided that what type of hosting we have to purchase then we have to choose the right service provider. There is a lot of service provider in the Online world. So choosing the right service provider is also a great thing.

Following are the popular hosting providers:

(What are The Best Servers for Hosting?)

  • #1 BlueHost.
  • #2 Hostgator.in.
  • #3 Site Ground:
  • #4 BigRock.com.
  • #5 InMotion Hosting.
  • #6 Hosting Raja.
  • #7 A2 hosting.
  • #8 GoDaddy.com

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These all are good hosting provider, you can choose one of the above-mentioned service providers. These are written according to their rank.

Step By Step Guide to Setup A Domain

Before Starting this Guide, we have to understand about hosting types. Because this is the most important thing before start our website. Following are the hosting types according to website requirement.

  1. Shared Hosting: If your website is static or just based upon HTML pages and separated by Java-script. It simply informational websites. It is good in a shared hosting. “Shared hosting provide us a shared space on the web, where websites traffic is adjusted all time. These type of hosting works according to traffic.”
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server): This server has pre-decided memory and sources for use. It cannot increase automatically. This type of hosting server used for multiple website server accounts. If you want to start multiple websites, then it is a good server for you.
  3. Dedicated Server: It provides space for more customization and more sources. It is a fast and secure server. It is a good server for high-level business or a big website. Because it can handle multiple chances or customization requests at a time.
  4. Cloud Server:  This is a highly secured and good server. It requires mostly for high traffic and multiple actions at a time. Cloud server has a group of servers. It promises us to provide extra servers when it needs. So this server provides us extra server when our website wants some extra spaces to handle the traffic.

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Just like types of servers we have to choose the hosting based upon OS. It also matters for security and safety purpose.

  1. Linux Hosting, which allows running scripts are written in PHP, Perl, Python, and other Unix-originated languages, and usually supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. This is the most commonly used system today.
  2. Windows Hosting, which allows running ASP scripts utilizing .NET and other Microsoft technologies, and supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access database.

Now Start the step guide to purchase a domain and its setup:

Step 1: Go to the service provider website. First, you have to sign up for making an account on that particular website.

Step2: After Logging in to your account you have to select hosting through the menu.

(Note: I am explaining here the GoDaddy option interface, all the service providers website has different options. So if you are seeking “How to Host a Website on GoDaddy” then this is a right guide for you.)

Step 3: Choose website hosting and then Choose your plan here.

Step 4: Click on Add to Cart and you have to buy it by paying through online payment.


How to Host a Website on A Server

  • After Setting our server we have to install an application on it or upload an application manually by gound on Application or File manager.
  • Go to the file manager for uploading a website when you have pre-prepared data or pre-downloaded software.
  • Go to Application when you want to install fresh CMS for your website.
  • Here you have to give a domain name and email address. (more…)
How to Install WordPress on C Panel, C Panel Website Setup, WordPress C Panel Login

How to Install WordPress on C Panel, C Panel Website Setup, WordPress C Panel Login

Do you want to make your website live on the internet? Do you want to start any kind of website for your Blog, Business, NGO etc? For starting any kind of website everyone needs to setup up a c-panel account and set their website on it.

For any of the C-Panel, WordPress is an application which installs on C-Panel. There are lots of applications in the C-Pannel Application menu, which are responsible for blogging, e-commerce, photography, and forum.

I make use my C-Panel for WordPress website installation and the c-panel is easy to access. The are a few of the hosting provider, which complicated C-panel. We are going to learn about WordPress CMS (Content Management System) installation on the C Panel.

WordPress Installation on C-Panel

cPanel is a web hosting control panel which is provided by hosting account providers for websites. C panel allowing you to manage your website’s data through a web-based interface. Source: wpbeginner

Before You Begin

Here you will get the knowledge about Installing cms, configuring, and managing your c-panel. You will get support for the basic operation of automatic WordPress site installer in c-Panel. You don’t need to be the master of C Panel for this small task. And also, you will not become a master of installing WordPress in C Panel.

Additionally, WordPress installation by the software which is available on the C Panel and WordPress installation process manually is going to be taught here for your better understating.

I am going to introduce you about the easiest method and easiest platform for accessing the C Panel. I am sure you will know about Godaddy, the simplest way to start your web-hosting. You can purchase a domain from Godaddy. So as you learn about install WordPress on c-panel you need to purchase two things- one is your domain and second is a hosting plan. This is recommended you because apart from these two things you cannot learn it. You can add ssl certificate for your website on the time of purchasing hosting and domain of your site.

The Process you have to follow

There are two types of WordPress installation, we will discuss for further installation. This is because sometimes it is necessary to install WordPress manually.

WordPress installation through the C-Panel Access

  • First, you need to Login on your hosting service provider account by which you purchased web-hosting.
  • After that, you have to go to the web-hosting option and then manage it.
  • Now C-panel option shows here on the upper right corner, go to your C Panel.
  • From the menu bar, you have to select the application option so that all the application will appears for the installation.
  • Now scroll down and explore WordPress.
  • Click on it and finally run the installer.

On the time of installation, you need to fill your website name, username, and password. And you must have to save the details which you will fill on this side.

(We would like to introduce Godaddy hosting and its c-panel access.)

WordPress installation manually

For manual installation of WordPress, you have to download the WordPress zip file from wordpress.org/download. It will not ask you to pay any charge for downloading, because WordPress is free to use for every user.

  • Now, Login to your hosting provider account then go to the C-Panel Access.
  • In the window, you will find the File Manager option on the files section.
  • In this window, you have to access the public.html folder which is the root directory of your website hosting file manager.
  • Now you have to access your WordPress file, which you have downloaded.
  • Now click on Upload Menu from the menu bar. Select Your WordPress file and Upload it.
  • After completing the upload process, you need to go back to your file manager public html, and then right-click on the WordPress zip file and then extract this file. (If you see any pop of already exist this file click on replace all) Now your WordPress will be installed completely by this manual way.
  • Now your WordPress will be installed completely by this manual way.

After completing the whole process you need to assign a user on your WordPress site. Simply search (domain-name)/wp-admin, It will show you the language selection box, select language, fill your user-name and password then click install it finally. Now, you can login to your WordPress dashboard.

Shift A WordPress site on Different web hosting by the use of C Panel

If you are willing to shift your WordPress site into another hosting through C Panel then you must have to access your C Panel of new hosting and previous hosting provider.

Step 1: Login to your C Panel first and then go to the backup section and have to download mysql Database of your existing WordPress site.

Step 2: Identify the nameservers of your new hosting and put it down on your domain site.

Step 3: Add your domain name on your add on domain section of your new hosting provider C Panel.

Step 4: Enter the database by uploading the database of mysql on your new hosting.

Step 5: Download your files from the previous C Panel File Manager on the public HTML folder. You can be compressed this folder and download it.

Step 6: Upload these files on your new file manager on the same folder where you downloaded your WordPress website data.

Step 7: Now you can access your site, first go to (site_name)/wp-admin and select the language and put all necessary details. Then you will enjoy your new WordPress dashboard.

Also, We can set our business email id

For making business e-mail account, we need to login to our service provider account. then here we have to go to e-mail and offices and manage.

So by accessing these option, you can create a business e-mail account with the name of your site like (name)@(domain).com