Website Designing Services


→For the full functioning of a business, a website is necessary.

→An effective website encourages customers to purchase products.

→62% of companies increase their sales by making a responsive website.

→72% of people want a mobile-friendly website and we make it.

Standard Packages of Website designing & development

We are offering a wide range of website designing services

E- Commerce Website

By the way, there are the biggest eCommerce players sitting in India, but you can start an eCommerce website differently with us. A fully functional website with Online/UPI Payment, mobile-friendly can increase the sale.

School Management Website

There are two reasons behind making a school website for a school, one is school reputation and second is management. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage all necessary functions offline. Nearby 80% of Indian schools use other CRM so why don’t you make a website.

Service Based and Personal Blogs

Now Service based businesses are not able to perform offline because you can’t force anyone to visit your office again and again if a customer wants to take your service. To make your functions better and easy, you definitely want to make a service-based website.

Website Designing Services

A website is the sole of every business; in advance, it is the only source to show off your services and products to the world. The impression of your business is a must thing which drives like-minded customers to your business website. We deal with the websites which will affect customers every time. No matter you are a small business owner or you are an industry leader, you need a website which drives sales for you, your product/service values and it spread the service quality of your business over the world.

We make the websites according to your requirement; also we suggest you first, that choose the language and platform you need to build your website. Also, we recommend you all possible features that can we make for you under your given budget.


Allow us to put your business online through a dynamic and responsive website.


Light Website


Increase in Speed


Dynamic and Responsive

Our team and our goals

We believing in your growth, it doesn't matter how much efforts need to grow a business, the only matters is the final result.

Govind Singh, CEO @ Techagency Technologies

I love to converting Ads into Sales. When an ads places on a public domain then it is my duty to convert brand ads on sales

Rohit Kharayat, Founder @ Techagency Technologies

I love to serve my creativity for your brand. I believe in dynamic and easy understanding content which loves by visitors and by google.

Akshay Negi, Co-founder @ Techagency Technologies

I love to connect with you for the better communication and understanding between work ethics.

Mukul Joshi, Sales Manager @ Techagency Technologies

Out Website Designing Clients

What type of websites we deliver to you.

Responsive Websites:

The interface of your website into the different platform is most important to get a good response from your customers as well as from search engines. The website can change its structure on various platforms like Desktop, Tablet, and mobile. It would be must thing for a website, and you can choose it on our platform.  A responsive website will give the best user experience at all.


CMS-Based Websites:

What will happen when a company gives you a premium website after doing great work for you. And after delivering it to you, It is not possible for you to handle it and you are not able to be managed. So here the best option for you to make a website in a CMS, which is the most accessible platform to handle a website on your own.


Ecommerce Website Design:

If you have a product based business and you are selling them regularly, want to put them online. Then you need to have made an ecommerce platform with us. We will give the website which will responsive, a minimum no. of products ready, and dynamic website.


Blogging website:

It is good to be a blogger and also blogging is a must for all. We deliver the website which is best for blogging, best for your online presence. We always follow the trends of websites and their structure. If you are an individual blogger, or you run your blog by a team, but the blog is run only by your name then you must have to make a classy website. A website which is fancy and dynamic is suitable for a self blog.


Service-based website:

If your business is service based and your functions run in various locations then you must have a website that can be used to deliver information and get queries and get more signups. Your website can be designed with HTML, cms or in php. Sign up to get a proper suggestion for your service based website.


Why choose Techagency for website designing

We are not committing to you to deliver you the best, but we provide you with what we will promise you. Once we understand your need for website designing and then we will give you the best possible quote with reasonable price. We will commit you based on your needs and the best possibilities that can be done in the field of website designing.

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