Digital Marketing is a method of doing marketing through digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Because Internet users are increasing day by day on the whole world especially in India, so internet-marketing is becoming popular day by day.

The conversion rate of online marketing is far better than traditional marketing and the cost is less than other marketing methods.

Digital Marketing reduces all efforts of making physical banners, put holdings on the streets, it simply takes time and talent of the specialist.

Role of Digital Marketing in the companies

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While traditional advertising is based on print ads, communication media but digital marketing is focused on electronic media. So there are endless possibilities with digital marketing in the companies.

Customers prefer digital media instead of print media and telephonic offers and they spend a lot of time on digital platforms, so companies should come online and make their presence to acquire more customers.

A career in Digital Marketing

In India, Digital Marketing is a better career option for job seekers as well as business-minded people.

Companies required more digital marketing executives to manage their online presence and to make a significant online presence.

Experts who have practice in digital marketing can earn a handsome income in the various top companies and also they can earn by themself alone.

Beginners can first learn digital marketing on Institutes like DSIM, Techstach, Digital Vidya, etc. and after completing their classes, they can join a small company as an intern.

After the internship period which can be of 6 months, they can join some MNC or any other company with a salary package of min 25K PM.

How much salary I can earn after completing the Digital Marketing course?

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As we mention digital marketing has a vast career and it can give you a huge income in the future days.

But before discussing the salary, I want to make you clear that the only practical knowledge can give you a huge income, otherwise, you cannot earn a good income in online marketing.

So, If you are fresher in this field I must suggest you join an internship program. In the companies, it is not like an internship, it is like working under the experts to fulfill the small working gap between the pre-planned projects.

The internship might be for 6 months and it can give you hardly 10k to 15k per month.

After the internship period, you can go for the executive jobs in digital marketing, if the same company offers you a higher position and an increment in your salary then continue there or join some other company.

After the internship period, you can get a salary between 20k to 30k in any of the companies.

Remember: Companies try to hire some best employees in low income and individuals like us join those companies in the fixed salary. So try to convince them or demand the salary by your side. They will not deny because they need a talented guy like you.

Tip for you: Make yourself perfect in one component of digital marketing, like in SEO, Social media management, Ad campaign expert, or expert in email marketing.

After 2 to 3 years of experience, you are now ready to join a company as a Digital Marketing Manager and now you can demand a salary package of min 50k in of the company where it is required.

Opportunities in Digital Marketing

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Before start discussing opportunities, I would like to talk about some components of digital marketing.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Dropshipping
  1. Freelancing

As you know very well that internet marketing is a method of doing advertisement digitally. So you can do work for companies form of any desired place where you can access the internet.

So most companies hire freelancers for their company’s online marketing and pay some less amount of money monthly basis.

You must have to find out these type of opportunities because you can work anytime according to your spare time.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is like a sponsored marketing, where you market for some other company product. An in return, they pay some commission according to the price of the product.

In affiliate marketing you have to use your blogging skills, influencing skills. But in some cases, you have to manage some ads on google or Facebook.

Email marketing is also a method in affiliate marketing if you are promoting some internet marketing software products.

3. Dropshipping

This is like an eCommerce business where you have to sell some physical products like an inventory.

You don’t need to maintain any of the inventory. Only you have to manage an online store and promote your product online via free traffic method or paid ad method.

The product shipping and billing are maintained by the third party. You just need to make an account on their platform.

These are the opportunities in Internet Marketing other than Doing the job in the companies cubicles.

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