I must say, this is the right decision to start a career in website designing and you have to know what is shared hosting.

You all have tons of options to make your career but in my opinion, this is the right decision of your life to choose website designing.

But you will have to decide what type of hosting suit to your website and In this premium guide I will share you the brief knowledge about shared hosting.

Hello! all Digital Freaks, Today I am gonna share you about shared hosting, its benefits, advantages and disadvantages.

Make your knowledge strong and clear for shared hosting by reading this whole article.

What is Shared Hosting?

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Shared hosting is Web hosting in which the service provider serves the parts of a web server for multiple Web sites, each having its own Internet domain name, from a single Web server?

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This type of hosting is usually taken by those digital freaks who want to learn website designing or want to start a small blog, or someone wants to start a small business.

Shared hosting is a small part of hosting, In which multiple users use space to host their websites. It is like a wifi connection, where multiple users share the connection from a leased line.

I was starting my first blog with shared hosting with a short amount of money, and at that time, I learned to blog, and this was the time when I was learning digital marketing. With this hosting plan, I learned all my SEO work, On-Page Off-Page SEO on my website by working with live projects. 

So My experience is good in the initial stage of the online world. I will recommend you to go with the shared hosting. If you are going to take a start online work.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

For Initial Stage of a blog

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Shared hosting packages are good for a small blog or initial stage of the blog, and it is more affordable for early birds. Youths always seek to get things at an affordable price, so this hosting plan is good for them. They can change their hosting plan when the traffic on their website increases.

For Small scale businesses


If your website has less no of visitors and it doesn’t need more visitors, then this hosting is very good. You can start with shared hosting, it runs your website smoothly, and you don’t face any problem.

For Learning

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Some institute of website designing and digital marketing give practical training to their students. On that learning phase, you can take hosting. This hosting is also beneficial for those who want to learn on their own.

Disadvantages of Shared hosting

  1. Shared hosting has some short of space, and it has less no of resources so that our website is not able to handle high traffic.
  2. Host-only one domain at a time and two or more domain cannot install on this hosting plan.
  3. Shared hosting has less no of resources, so If you put various cms or various website structures on a single website, it refuses to handle and your site shut down until solving the problem.
  4. Not useful for eCommerce websites.

Here are some shared hosting providers who provide good shared hosting

You can go with these hosting providers. I want to recommend you reseller club hosting specially for shared hosting. It is affordable and provides great services. C panel menu is good, easy to manage, and has useful CMS preinstalled.

Shared hosting plans are of two type

  1. Shared web hosting
  2. Pro Shared hosting

You will find some extra features on pro, and you will get Extra space and resource limit.

Customers Questions and Reviews

  1. Where would it be possible to check shared hosting?

There is no trail provided by any of the hosting providers, but if you are a new user for hosting provider website, then you will get a hosting plan with a one-year special price. You can get your shared hosting plan with affordable price.

Check this hosting plan.

Recommendations for buying a shared hosting

  1. Check whether the SSL certificate available with your shared hosting plan or not.
  2. Technical Support and live chat support is necessary to get instant help for your hosting issue.
  3. Compare the web hosting plans before buying any of the hostings.
  4. Must have a suitable c panel.
  5. Check whether you will get a business email account with your hosting or not.
  6. Hosting should provide min 15 days money-back guarantee.
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