In WordPress, themes are basically layout arrangement. which forms multiple pages and all interface. Themes are all short by colors, fonts, slides, animation, and buttons. A few themes come with editing tools and come with ready to make a useful layout theme.

These themes can be managed by anyone who knows about some dashboard elements. There is some simple process for managing themes.

Once we go to make a website we have to choose a particular theme which has a proper combination between our product and theme. It should have some sort of data, graphics, and writings.

How to access themes, Select Themes, and Activation:

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A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog. These files are called template files. A Theme modifies the way the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying software. Source:

Theme Selection and Theme Access of WordPress

In website designing field theme selection and its access are like renovating a house after making it. Just like your website has built but has not had a proper theme then it will not look good at all. Your theme will allow you to make it user-friendly.

Theme selection in WordPress is an easy work. There is two type of selection option we have. One is free and one is paid, About 90% of WordPress themes are paid but also paid themes a can be used as free because we can access lots of the feature free from these themes.

First talk about free themes Selection:

In WordPress, there is a huge no of free themes, which are using without any of the payment. So here I am recommending you some free themes for starting your journey. One thing is to be remembered for working a long time or accessing a good project, it is necessary to use a paid theme.

You can use these themes for free, they may be trail features or may have some restrictions but able to use:

  • Genesis (authority pro) *for blogging
  • Flatsome *E-commerce
  •  Shaoor
  • Our Blog *Blogs
  • Sauve *E-commerce

You can choose your theme from your dashboard also, Just Go to Apperarance>themes>add Themes. Then select your desired theme, these themes may ask for activation but not necessary to activate the theme.




  • Check your free theme on any other platform like localhost or on your rough site first.
  • Demo data import required for every theme apart from this your theme configuration will be incomplete.
  • All the themes give their full result with required plugins so that you have to make sure that plugin recommendation is being mentioned on the dashboard or not.
  • Don’t go with the theme on which the whole structure is made by shortcodes.
  • Check whether the download option is available or not.

Paid themes selection:

  • So first you have to make a list of those features which you want on your website. It may be a shipping feature for e-commerce, SEO optimization feature for a blogging website, or it may be a multivendor feature for a multishop website.
  • Don’t be choose a heavy featured theme because it may harm you in future or long run. It has a lot of features by which website performance going low.
  • Color option you may opt. You can choose the color of your theme according to your logo.
  • Must try the demo from both side front end and back end of your theme. and see that the theme is not a complicated one. Are be handle this theme.
  • Don’t buy a costly theme if you are a beginner. Or if you are a beginner then you have to go with a free theme.
  • Choose from themegrill or evento market.
  • Make sure your theme is responsive for every device.

So after applying these filters, you are ready to purchase a theme. By purchasing any theme you can get some assistance from theme company executives.


After choosing your theme and download it. You have to upload your theme on your theme section.

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